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Deepening Intimacy

For a long time now, deepening my understanding and intimacy with life has been a healing path for me. I love how James Twyman describes intimacy with a play on words, “Into Me See”. This is a strong motivation behind what I offer at Move As One. By including, cultivating, and integrating intimacy with all our treasures (heaven, earth and humanity), wisdom is realized. On that note, Ivy Kaminsky and I started a new Meetup …

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From Wounds To Wisdom

Collective trauma is upon us. As a society, we have encountered destructive pain over and over again. The time is now. How do we heal together? In my experience, the healing process begins when something painful is ready to be seen, heard, acknowledged … and even loved. When I’m courageous, I can dive deeper into the pain, curiously explore, and breathe life into it. I believe most of us have worked diligently to awaken spiritually and …

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Moving with your natural treasures

Dear friends, turn on your favorite music and simply move! (especially in dark times) This is a frequent inspiration I receive from my parents who both passed this year. It was a dark and mystical year for me as I supported both of them in their passage. At 90 and 92, my parents lived a full, beautiful life together. For this I am grateful :). And now I truly feel their continued love and guidance. It is remarkable! …

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What is whole-system facilitation?

What is it and how can it improve relationships? We are living in transformative times. Old ways are falling apart, and stress and trauma have become all too common. When we lose our rhythm, we often forget our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance, and dismiss the joy of creating from our wholesome, interconnected nature. Using the Move As One system, you learn to integrate, heal, and bring wholeness while guiding people to co-create a better world. Explore how you can improve …

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Deep in woods listening and renewing

Hello friends, I’m listening and renewing in a small cabin, deep in the woods, alone and off-grid. Caretaking for my transitioning parents has been all consuming, and I know the woods will restore me. Here’s what I have been receiving … Trust nature Tune out noise Breathe and be Let your emotions unwind Listen in this moment Connect with plants and animals Hear hummingbirds flutter by your side Sing with them All is temporary Today …

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Three Divine Messengers

Certainly this has been a year of big change for us all. I spent a large chunk of it with my aging parents. In the traditional legend of the Buddha’s quest for enlightenment – old-age, sickness, and death – are referenced as divine messengers for they help us remember our impermanent nature. Throughout this extraordinary year, I walked my path with these teachers as I cared for my transitioning 92-year-old parents. I can attest, these divine messengers have changed my world forever! …

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Wounded healer, wiser leader

Ignite your own inside-out transformation. Join the three-month Your Wise Moves™ program. My intention is to be a pathway through this confusion, and further strengthen leaders, consultants, and coaches to help heal and co-create a thriving world. Over the last two decades, I have tested this approach with a countless number of clients who have experienced positive results. Often I am called a “transformation agent” as I’m drawn into stuck situations and help them move. I …

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Finding Your New Rhythm

When our world economy was put on pause, there was a part of me that felt relieved. At that time, I was feeling exhausted and not able to find my joy. So I returned to a rich regime of qigong, meditation, and mindfulness practices DAILY, and gently shared these practices with others. It has been a remarkably healing time for me! Since last summer, I have been writing a 2-year Authentic Leadership program for Appleton Greene & …

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When things fall apart, this is what I do know

When I’m ruminating about concerns, my thoughts are usually caught in an old habit of small thinking When I’m afraid, my breathing can shallow and tighten in my chest As I take long deep in-and-out breaths, my body calms and fear lets go Breathing in nature, opens me to hear birds chirping, and broadens my sense of connection As I practice moving as one, my body, brain and breath relax into a natural rhythm. When I truly sense …

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See clearly, join a mini master-mind conversation

Listen, when I was just a teenager, I made some serious decisions that impacted the trajectory of my life. At the time, I wanted to explore other options, but felt myopic in my view, and unable to discuss what was true for me with the people I love. It took years of experience as a strategic management consultant before I finally paused. I used the MOVES method on my self to get clear through all my confusion and …

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