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Renew in harmony with nature

Dancing Prairie offers a peaceful refuge in Zimmerman, MN. Join us to relax, refresh, receive natural wisdom and move into joy. 

Check events below. Or contact Julie@move-as-one.com to request your peace-filled experience.

Upcoming Events

 Activate a transformative change and find your way forward together. 


Julie will guide you to attune with your innate rhythm and wisdom, and learn to play bigger using the mindfulness game


You can also step into nature with an energy walk in Dancing Prairie’s 5 Star Stations.  


Tap into your craving for greater meaning by walking the labyrinth for two. See what happens when you meet in the middle.  😀


Embrace new consciousness, renew passion and purpose, attune focus and clarity, align with wellbeing and balance, and grow opportunities for impact.

Experience your full presence in leadership through your highest wisdom in wholeness, flowing in nature’s rhythms.

Activate meaningful awareness, revitalized energy, and inspired creativity to adapt to change.

Couples, are you ready to have more fun together?

Explore the art of connection through partner dance. Play with connected movement to increase vitality within  yourself and with others. 

This fresh opportunity expands your connection with joy. 

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