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Wise Leader Collective

Awaken wellbeing, lead with Source

The Wise Leader Collective helps leaders and managers attune to their purposeful direction while staying resilient and inspired.

Cultivate your mindful leadership skills in this five part series:

Part 1. Clarify your passion and purpose

Part 2. Improve decisions by knowing it in your bones

Part 3. Build a balanced team

Part 4. Engage others in collaboration

Part 5. Cultivate and sustain a thriving culture

Leave feeling re-inspired with new tools and a renewed purpose to move yourself and your team into your best year.

Overall, the Wise Leader Collective will help you:

  • Increase your performance and productivity
  • Clarify and fulfill your purpose
  • Improve your mindful leadership skills
  • Engage collaborative teamwork
  • Cultivate a positive environment, and
  • Cross-pollinate with other authentic leaders



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In these times of change, it is hard to stay inspired and clear. You may feel stressed, pulled in a thousand directions, or disconnected and unable to meet the demands.

As we move through this changing world with new rules, new environments, and communities, leaders are being asked to be masterful change agents.

In a series of retreats and online meetings, co-create with others leaders to renew, re-purpose and stay on track with creating your best year.

Attune to your highest wisdom and prepare yourself and your team to thrive. Learn new ways to stay resilient and inspired throughout the day. Then, engage your team to do the same.

Develop your change agent skills and re-inspire your team’s passion and purpose. Turn uncertain times into growth opportunities by creating a dynamic and moving organization.

This Collective inspires and supports your wisdom to:

  • Stay in rhythm with yourself
  • Fulfill your purpose
  • Experience well-being
  • Collaborate with others

For more information, please check the corporate 2-year training program on Authentic Leadership.

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