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Wise Leader Conversations

Solving problems together

Our communities need us to solve problems together.  

This conversation is for community leaders to build bridges for change. It is designed to navigate challenges and transitions, forge meaningful connections, and emerge the future together.

In this conversation, align with your well-being and highest intentions while asking “what does our community need now?” Together we explore, connect and cross-pollinate our passion and purpose and weave together a larger interconnecting vision to meet needs.

By gathering, we pause to receive and integrate wisdom. Together we practice mindful activities and pick game cards from Your Wise Moves to awaken and co-create greater potential.

Here’s an example: Six women leaders met in 2023 to explore upstream solutions for the over-arching mental health needs in our communities. 

What do we wish to transform? What blocks us? 

  • Isolation, we need more community
  • Distractions, we bounce
  • Fear, scarcity mindset, victim mindset
  • Polarizations/division, blaming others, “othering”
  • Tribalism, elitism, more educated, experts having all the answers

How can we better support each other compassionately beyond systems?

  • Bridge with each other, get out of stuck place
  • Step-in, make mistakes, release judgements
  • Break the patterns 
  • Focus on worthiness, care for those who fall through the gaps 
  • Very simply listen and hear, Love all up! 

 Four visions emerged, including:

1) Nourish NEW social norms and values to support change = Emerge organic, natural, sustainable, rooted solutions from ground-up. Allow, welcome resistance, open minds to embrace change. Flip Maslow’s hierarchy, see wholeness first, focus on worthiness and assets rather than deficits. Deconstruct, unlearn old systems. Move from “needs” to “wants” for thriving. Give it a VOICE; share in writings, podcasts, books and more.

2) Emerge collective through community conversations = Gather for conversations. Connect main arteries, gather groups and leaders together, engage all sectors, share stories like Human Library, ask better questions, practice Holy listening, meet people where they are, be present while holding clear intentions of wholeness and worthiness, tell story differently, not all trauma focused, embrace change together.

3) Bridge activities, weave together a NEW system = Build resources, braid together tools, techniques, orgs, groups. Empower people and develop capacities for listening, laughing, being curious, being centered, finding wisdom within, being spontaneous with ease and joy … to flow with river. Bridging activities can include nature, gardening, drumming, moving, dancing, humor for opening to primordial life force and present moment awareness. 

4) Join leaders together to collaborate and support = Co-create and collaborate with balanced, wise leaders. Engage supportive funding, break patterns of patriarchy. Engage leaders who welcome humility, level playing field, suspend judgement, listen more, say less, and weave together connections.

Start a community conversation. This dynamic conversation will help you all renew and shine a light forward.

Let me know if you are interested in solving problems together. Contact julie@move-as-one.com. 

The Facilitator

Julie Delene (founder of Move As One) created a whole-system, ecoCreative approach that ignites all elements of power. Julie will facilitate this conversation to master-mind solutions together. She will guide you to reveal what is most important and inspire your unique way forward. Contact Julie here

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