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Deep in woods listening and renewing

Hello friends, I’m listening and renewing in a small cabin, deep in the woods, alone and off-grid. Caretaking for my transitioning parents has been all consuming, and I know the woods will restore me. Here’s what I have been receiving …

Trust nature
Tune out noise
Breathe and be
Let your emotions unwind
Listen in this moment
Connect with plants and animals
Hear hummingbirds flutter by your side
Sing with them
All is temporary
Today is beautiful
Start from here

Often I find nature to be a strong ally for feeling good. When young, I’d play for days in the woods and bluffs near Lake Michigan. At times I’d notice a mysterious connection that enriched my curious mind.

These nature experiences continue to inspire my work. Today, I’m happy to say we are including nature’s source energy in the Move As One system as we teach this framework for making powerful change.

Please join Rada Yovovich and myself for some meaningful and moving conversations this Fall and try it for yourself. Or join the Whole-System Facilitation FREE introduction meeting October 6. Game certification training begins January 2022.

Please register for these Fall conversations:

RENEWAL: Let go to move forward (Sept 23, 4-6pm)
HEAL: From wounds to wisdom (Oct 21, 4-6pm)

May nature’s rhythm inspire you daily. ❤️
Wishing you many blessings, Julie

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