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Couple Conversation

Are we having any fun yet?

Do we need a boost in our communication and connection?

Re-inspire the connection and vitality in your relationship. Navigate through life changes and find your way forward together. Engage this way to communicate together while inspiring more joy.

Julie will guide this meaningful and moving conversation using the game, Your Wise Moves™.  Pick cards that will inspire your clarity regarding important topics. Tap into the power of your wisdom using embodied techniques, dynamic questions, and 5 mindful moves.

This conversation is designed to unleash your natural abundance and heal distance!




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  • A game-based approach to move through change
  • Enriched interactions and deepened communication
  • Moving beyond resistance to awaken greater potential
  • Laugher, creativity, and strengthened connections
  • Improved understanding, agility, and responsiveness to life

WHO IS THIS FOR? Couples seeking to connect, grow, and have fun together while exploring new ways to engage with life’s challenges.

INSPIRED by MOVE AS ONE: This event is based on the game YourWiseMoves.com and system Move-As-One.com, which uses a creative and interactive approach to help individuals, couples and groups move forward.

Leave lighter, clearer, and wiser.

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