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Wise Leader Retreat

Embrace new consciousness, renew passion and purpose, attune focus and clarity, align with wellbeing and balance, and grow opportunities for impact.

Experience your full presence in leadership through your highest wisdom in wholeness, flowing in nature’s rhythms.

Activate meaningful Awareness, revitalized energy, and inspired creativity to adapt to change with gratitude.

Date: Wednesday, October 18, 9:30am – 3:30pm

Location: 11122 272nd Ave NW, Zimmerman, MN (Dancing Prairie)

Investment: $245, includes healthy prepared lunch. Limited to 11 leaders.

Wise leader retreats energize leaders to attune to their purposeful intentions while remaining centered and aware of co-creating the journey.

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Invitation to practice

In these times of change, leaders are being asked to be masterful change agents. It takes practice and skill to stay inspired and clear. If you are stressed, pulled in a thousand directions, or disconnected and unable to meet the demands, a leader retreat is an excellent opportunity to practice and grow.

Join us for a day retreat to replenish, reconnect, and create your best year. Attune to your highest wisdom and prepare yourself and your team to thrive. Learn new ways to stay resilient and inspired throughout the day. Turn uncertain times into growth opportunities while developing your change agent skills from the inside-out.

Michelle Wincell O’Leary (former VP of Touchstone Mental Health) and Julie Delene (founder of Move As One, LLC) are teaming up to facilitate this wise leader retreat. We will utilize mindfulness tools, wellbeing and intuitive practices, plus the game, Wise Moves™, to awaken and co-create greater potential.

This retreat will support your wisdom to:

  • Stay in rhythm with yourself
  • Fulfill your purpose
  • Experience wellbeing
  • Collaborate with others

Held at Dancing Prairie, a great place for hosting retreats, with expansive space, ample natural light, sounds of nature, and an invitation to mindfully walk the land.

We utilize the Move As One™ system to strengthen leaders by practicing the five principles of presence, passion, purpose, partnership, and practice.

Practice PRESENCE – Rise above external distractions and tune-in to your natural rhythm. Become present in your body and breath. Practice mindfulness and movement to balance and manage your energy effectively. Reflect and integrate your wisdom.

Practice PASSION – Listen and renew from a generative place through movement and mindfulness practices. Energize and empower from your heart’s wisdom. Expand your capacity for creativity and enhance your awareness of who you are and what you can accomplish.

Practice PURPOSE – Lean-in and reveal your emerging future.  Align your goals with your purpose. Make wise and aware decisions. Take proactive, and inspired actions through intentional alignment in mind, body and heart.

Practice PARTNERSHIP – Engage others through connected movements and clear communication. Understand and apply structure for engaging co-creation and partnership.

Put into PRACTICE – Create supportive environments to host yourself and others. Develop ongoing mindfulness and movement practices and sustain these principles through daily habits.

© Move As One, LLC

Leave feeling re-inspired with new tools and a renewed purpose to move yourself and your team forward.

About Facilitators:

Michelle Wincell O’Leary is an experienced leader, consultant, trainer, developer and innovator across healthcare services, supportive housing/assisted living and personal and professional wellbeing for all. She has adapted her career and thrived as a trusted leader, compassionate caregiver, and resilient change guide.

Michelle has supported countless emerging leaders and team members to progress successfully on their chosen path while maintaining their wellbeing as they support and care for others with confidence.

Julie Delene is a transformation agent who helps people awaken greater potential and co-create organic growth for all to thrive. As the founder of Move As One, author of Moved To Create, and creator of the game, Your Wise Moves™, Julie empowers people from the inside-out to reach their highest visions.

Julie has partnered with organizations and applied her work to a broad range of clientele, from Fortune 500 organizations to entrepreneurs. She has synthesized over three decades as a strategic management consultant with mindfulness practices to create experiential programs that truly resonate.


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