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Moving with your natural treasures

Dear friends, turn on your favorite music and simply move! (especially in dark times)

This is a frequent inspiration I receive from my parents who both passed this year. It was a dark and mystical year for me as I supported both of them in their passage. At 90 and 92, my parents lived a full, beautiful life together. For this I am grateful :).

And now I truly feel their continued love and guidance. It is remarkable! I feel them especially when I turn to them with a concern. Their connection comes by way of owls, hawks, deer, cardinals, the tick of their grandfather clock … by the sheer joy of walking in nature, and music! They both loved to sing and dance together. When I stop and notice, their favorite songs are often running through my head, and giving good advice.

I invite you to take this guidance too – move with your natural self. Take time each day to walk in nature or dance to your favorite song. Invoke your natural treasures found in your body, brain and breath, while you still have them. Practice releasing fear, anxiety and sadness. I promise, as you relax into your natural rhythm, you will find peace, joy and connection with the universe.

Join me January 1. In this two-hour event, let your body do the talking while aligning your three treasures. Lets move together! Begin the year with this powerful journey “moving as one” into our new world.

Date: Saturday, January 1
Time: 1:00 – 3:00pm
Location: Holisticgateway.com, Little Canada, MN
Investment: $35/person, limited space
Register HERE

NOTE: Masks required, we will practice moving together without touching

Contact Julie@move-as-one.com for more information

Two owls sat outside our window three days after my Dad died in October. The owls stared at me for nearly twenty minutes before I could finally reach my phone and take pictures. I felt elated. It was not an easy year for me, but it sure was awe inspiring!

Wishing you many blessings and awe in 2022, Julie

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