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See clearly, join a mini master-mind conversation

Listen, when I was just a teenager, I made some serious decisions that impacted the trajectory of my life. At the time, I wanted to explore other options, but felt myopic in my view, and unable to discuss what was true for me with the people I love.

It took years of experience as a strategic management consultant before I finally paused. I used the MOVES method on my self to get clear through all my confusion and pain. It simply worked magic!

Because I’m rather introverted, there are many times I feel heavy and unable to share. Now I use the game I created to have a meaningful conversation with others on important topics. It helps us quickly cut through the crap, align with our wisdom, and master-mind solutions together. I feel heard and cared for, especially by me, and can clearly make positive choices.

I am grateful to share these conversations and facilitator training with you. Please read more below.

MasterMind Conversations
These fresh, insightful, moving conversations offer a new way to communicate, connect, and see clearly.

Put an important topic on the table, and learn how to “play” with obstacles while deepening your understanding,

Using the mindfulness game, Your Wise Moves™, players are moved to scale-up from individual stuck-ness to a collective wisdom to clear challenges and master-mind solutions – a fun way to get real with each other.

Together, we listen, laugh and strengthen. We all leave lighter, clearer, and wiser. Join one of these upcoming conversations.

Change Agent Training

Or increase your facilitation skills and improve all your conversations. Check more here.

We are living in extraordinary times with disruptions happening in nearly every human and environmental system. Clearly this is our opportunity for transformation!

After 25+ years revealing the Move As One system as a strategic consultant, leadership and team facilitator, I’m inviting you to learn and use this powerful framework for co-creation.

By using this system, you can ignite the energies, actions and awareness needed for dynamic change, and move from power-over to co-creative partnerships, organizations, and communities.

This is my life’s work and I’m here to share. Email julie@move-as-one.com to explore more.

Many blessings, Julie

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