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Bring your team together to achieve a unified vision and passion for progress!

Building Team Culture

At Move As One, our mission is to engage leaders, teams, and organizations to achieve their highest goals and sustain a co-creative culture from the inside-out. Culture offers the context for employee engagement and is foundational for establishing meaningful purpose for employees. Build your high-performing team using our organic approach and activities for developing a collaborative team culture. We customize and design solutions using the Move As One system and Authentic Leadership program. 

“Julie’s authentic presence and meaningful content brought us energy renewal both on a personal and team level.”  – Mary Ellen McCartney, Chief Learning Officer, Gundersen Health System

This co-creative approach can be adapted to a variety of situations and objectives, including:

  • strategic visioning and planning
  • team accountability and execution
  • leadership and team building
  • board and staff retreats

The key to moving an organization forward is to establish a clear, unified vision based on the values and passions of all the individuals, teams, systems, and alliances involved. Using our proprietary MOVES™ process, we reach alignment with persons and teams from the inside out. Next, is to create a positive culture for executing results to sustain and support implementation.

Julie brings professionalism, advanced knowledge and an agreeable, nonjudgmental style. We have learned so much. I would highly recommend her program!” – Beth Bergos, director, Franciscan Healthcare, Mayo Health System

The results of this systematic and magnetic approach are:

  • Teams develop a clear consensus on vital issues
  • They create and commit to a plan for success
  • They pull together based on mutual support and acclaim
  • They provide visible leadership on all specific projects
  • They Move As One! 

Your Organization’s EcoSystem

Each organization has its own unique organizational culture that starts at inception. It stems from the vision of their own leaders along with all the different experiences that individual members bring into the mix, including stakeholders and partners. This creates a dynamic, living and breathing eco-system.

 The objectives of this assessment are to:

  1. understand your current eco-system and organizational needs,
  2. stimulate innovative approaches to move through blocks and grow,
  3. increase self-awareness to balance drive and value, 
  4. engage vital components of an ecoCreative culture. 

Learn what an ecoCreative culture is by reviewing your elements and the conditions it takes to create positive movement. Listen to what your organization needs by understanding these patterns of culture. Apply what you learn to enhance teamwork and support a thriving organization. Check more here

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Peter Drucker

High Performing Team Facilitation

We customize and design solutions to create unified and aligned teams. This co-creative approach can be adapted to a variety of situations and objectives.

Move As One teams are energized, mutually aligned, goal-directed, internally accountable, self-motivated and highly effective.

We work from the inside out beginning with individual leadership, progressing to team productivity, then addressing organizational effectiveness and finally, customer partnership.

In order to develop and grow, teams are created, and scheduling is established:

  • Bronze Team meets quarterly
  • Silver Team meets bi-monthly
  • Gold Team meets monthly
Check more here.

“An organization is a group of people who over time enhance their capacity to create what they truly desire to create.”

Peter Senge

Group Conversations

Stimulate and engage groups in spirited conversations that matter. Participants are moved to scale up from the personal to the systemic to address challenges and questions in real-life situations. Through dialogue and interaction, the group moves to a co-creative atmosphere and innovative solutions.

Great for both large and small groups, these methods are flexible and can be used for many different purposes—information sharing, relationship building, deep reflection exploration and action planning.

Collecting the wisdom of a group involves the following assumptions:

  • The knowledge and wisdom we need is present and accessible
  • Collective insight evolves from honoring unique contributions; connecting ideas; listening into the middle; noticing deeper themes and questions
  • The intelligence emerges as the system connects to itself in diverse and creative ways
Check more here

“In the absence of a great dream, pettiness prevails.”

Robert Fritz

Executive Coaching

We utilize the Move As One™ system to strengthen leaders by implementing the five principles of presence, passion, purpose, partnership, and practice.

Leaders realign from the inside out using the five simple steps of the MOVES™ process:

  • Map where you are today
  • Open to creative visions for tomorrow
  • Visualize the necessary path from here to there
  • Engage your vision, walk your path, own it
  • Sustain your new habits through support and practice

Check the Authentic Leadership program for more information. By incorporating mindfulness practices, as well as the wisdom from the five elements, leaders become masterful “agents of change”.

Entrepreneur Success Program

This unique program helps entrepreneurs create a balanced and successful business. Learn how to find equilibrium in a world with new rules, new pressures and a new normal. This program provides a framework for creating and sustaining an inspired work life combined with a pragmatic focus on business and financial goals.

The program will help you by:

  • Developing a balanced business
  • Clarifying your direction
  • Engaging your plan and growing
  • Improving your workspace

Customized for your business, we meet monthly throughout the year to design and implement your strategic execution plan, and practice new methods for leadership to ensure growth and sustainability. 

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