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Move As One System

mountains-smThe Move As One™ System

Through years of practice, observation, and study, Julie Delene created concrete processes (5 Mindful Moves™) that integrates energy, awareness and action, and mobilizes the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual forces of our human potential. The Move As One system provides a whole-system framework that includes environmental, organizational and human ecosystems.. 

Be an agent to change, learn to move as one.

NOTE: This is a highly experiential intuitive system that cannot necessarily be understood through study, it must be lived and practiced.


We are living through disruptive times with unprecedented changes around us. For many of us, the normal way of engaging is met with resistance. Old ways are falling apart and confusion is pulling us in many directions. Stress and trauma have become all too common.

When we lose our rhythm or take things personally, our responses can often become reactive rather than proactive, and cause more suffering. We may look outside for the cause of pain and blame others, or attack ourselves with negative self-talk and weaken our confidence.

When we do this, we often forget our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance and lose the joy of creating from our wholesome, interconnected nature.

In my consulting practice here in MN, I (Julie Delene) teach people to move as one in 5 Mindful Moves™.

Moving as one is a balanced, whole approach to listen more mindfully and move forward in a new way. Those I work with declare it works well for them. Now I am sharing it more broadly and introduce this process through game playing experiences.

As people begin to name and understand the cycles of change, barriers and disconnects are released, meanwhile the creative transformation and broadened potentials are ignited. People become energized, collaborative, engaged, internally accountable, self-motivated and astoundingly effective!

Transform power-over positioning to collaborative and co-creative practices using this whole-system approach.

 What does Move As One mean?

Moving as one means we include, ignite and co-create with all the elements for our greater good. It guides us to be nimble, flexible, responsive and genuine. Each of us is a living, breathing and walking ecosystem, a movement of nature. When we move as one, we are in rhythm with our natural ecosystem. This changes from reacting to engaging and pollinating healthy ecosystems within ourselves, work, family, environment and community.

We have become a culture of doers and distractors, overly productive at the expense of our awareness. Instead, when we pause to listen and hear lost parts and forgotten voices, we integrate emotional and social wisdom + more. Moving As One means we open to higher and wider wisdom and make bigger, better decisions together. We move as one with our true nature.

Many of us have experienced healthy ecosystems where all people, entities and elements are nourished and are working for the whole system. It feels natural, harmonious and in-tune with our innate rhythm. It is easy to be in these healthy ecosystems that work well and help all participants prosper. I call this active,  aware, co-creative field an “ecoCreative culture“.

What can you do? 

Turn to nature as a resource for balanced wisdom and ecoCreate from within. When you nourish your inner ecosystem, you strengthen intimacy with your body, brain and breath. This intimacy provides you with the wisdom to care for yourself and the whole. You can consciously rise up to meet what is next, clear your way forward and respond in ways that transforms confusion.

EcoCreate simply means you ignite all the elements for whole system change.

Next, become a pollinator and play a bigger game. Hear the unheard voices. Pollinators are fertilizers, inoculating life force to nourish, enrich and cultivate thriving ecosystems. We all have a part to play. Draw upon your unique gifts to inoculate life force where needed.  

Connect with Julie Delene if you are ready to “ecoCreate awake” OR host a game playing experience to:

  1. increase creative energy and renew purpose,
  2. hear each other and build bridges,
  3. release barriers and move through conflict,
  4. engage collaboration and empower actions, and
  5. awaken greater potential for all to thrive. 

Many of us do not realize how powerful we are, that we are in fact, always creating. Often we forget and get mired down by old systems, routines, structures, thoughts, emotions, habits and old paradigms that do not empower. It is with great joy that I help people re-inspire their creative self and find answers that are in alignment with their whole being. When you do, you feel beautifully integrated, purposefully flowing, and alive with energy and vitality. The truth is we are always re-creating, so begin now to move as one. I promise you will experience great blessings, much joy and clarity, and a delight in your creative spirit.  Warmest wishes, Julie

About my Mindful Journey:

In 1995, I began my mindfulness journey and it completely changed my life! 

I began as an active student of Andy Caponigro, an internationally known “master of breath” and became a certified trainer of Miracle of the Breath™. Next, I studied Spring Forest Qigong along with other healing modalities. I continued my studies with a 2-year certification from Wind Water School of Feng Shui, and further deepened my mindfulness practice through years with Common Ground Meditation programs and Triple Gem of the North teacher training.

I am devoted to learning, practicing, and teaching conscious movement, meditation and the delicate balance between mystery and manifestation. I practice this awareness daily.  

As the founder of Move as One, LLC, these mindful, holistic practices are integrated into the Move As One system. It offers a path for people to develop inner wisdom and engage practical movement toward a positive future.

What I have consistently learned over the years, is that Mindfulness of the Breath helps us connect with the very essence of our being. It harnesses the life force within and gets right to the heart of the matter to:

· Release restrictions and limitations
· Gain clarity and focus
· Recharge and rejuvenate
· Make friends with your fears
· Access your inner wisdom
· Self heal

Here are a few responses to those I’ve taught:
I was in a chaotic living situation. Now I have techniques that bring me peace and authenticity. It’s like coming home – home to the peace I desire.
—J. Huseby, leaving a long term marriage

Before learning about my breath, I was resisting money and love…I realized when fearful, I was resisting life by resisting my breath. Now I have tools to overcome my blocks.” —Sondra O, on spiritual path

I found the breath to be very empowering. After a day of breathing, it was like walking out of a smoky bar and breathing in the fresh air of life. I now have the tools to stay relaxed throughout the day – through all the ups and downs.” —Bryan S., business owner

The Breath is the key to all healing. All the healing work I do is more effective because of the breath techniques. Thanks for reminding me again.”
—Lisa Tracy, healer

Quieting the mind creates the ultimate good feelings – and it’s free and readily available. I’ve found it essential for me to consciously be able to rest my body and my mind. Julie has done a great job training our agents and managers and myself with these techniques.
—Larry Peterson, Sr. VP, Edina Realty

One of the areas we needed ongoing support and encouragement was to address stress issues and help to balance work and home lives and still have energy at the end of the day. Julie brings her professionalism, combined with advanced knowledge in this area and her agreeable, non-judgmental, entertaining instructional style have greatly added to the wellbeing of my staff members, and to me personally. We have learned so much. —Beth Burgos, director of public affairs, Franciscan Skemp Healthcare, Mayo Health System


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