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Deepening Intimacy

For a long time now, deepening my understanding and intimacy with life has been a healing path for me. I love how James Twyman describes intimacy with a play on words, “Into Me See”. This is a strong motivation behind what I offer at Move As One. By including, cultivating, and integrating intimacy with all our treasures (heaven, earth and humanity), wisdom is realized.

On that note, Ivy Kaminsky and I started a new Meetup group called The Wizery. Our aim is to build community by providing a safe space for wize humans (open-minded, spiritually learning, growth oriented people) to gather, connect, deepen wisdom and intimacy, and share gifts.

We begin by asking questions when new members join. Since we started the group in September 2023, the biggest request we hear is a craving for deeper connection with other like-minded, spiritually aligned folks.

For many reasons and especially in these cold days of winter, we understand that truly connecting can be a challenge.  Stay tuned!  We are preparing more Wizery events soon to play, dance and share creative avenues in person at our Dancing Prairie studio.

In the meantime join us every 1st Sunday of the month online for Serene Sundays at 9am for a FREE guided meditation!

Lastly, let me mention more about the dance of connection. For those of you who know my passion for partner dance, I LOVE teaching couples in private lessons and/or group class every Friday “date night” in Elk River. See more here and join the fun.

Lets be warm and connected, Julie


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