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When things fall apart, this is what I do know

  1. When I’m ruminating about concerns, my thoughts are usually caught in an old habit of small thinking
  2. When I’m afraid, my breathing can shallow and tighten in my chest
  3. As I take long deep in-and-out breaths, my body calms and fear lets go
  4. Breathing in nature, opens me to hear birds chirping, and broadens my sense of connection
  5. As I practice moving as one, my body, brain and breath relax into a natural rhythm.
  6. When I truly sense into this moment, I know everything is OK; gratitude and awe returns

In this time, Jerry and I are offering FREE qigong on Tuesday nights, online via zoom. Triple Gem of the North is our host (donations are accepted). For more information and zoom link, check here.

In the meantime, see the video of Jerry and I getting a little crazy and dancing together (a rare occurrence). Sorry for such bad sound, but hope you still enjoy, and it inspires you to move and play together. Thank you Jerry! – smile.

Also, please see here for half-price offerings.

Wishing you peace in this time of transformation, Julie

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