Five Agents Of Change

5-elementsWake up your team’s creative flow and natural ecosystem

Build your team by effectively engaging “agents of change”.

The dynamics of change are complex. In this program, learn how the five agents of change offer a simple, powerful, and practical system for facilitating change. 

Drawing upon the ancient wisdom of the Chinese energy theory, these five agents are part of our natural system in nature. They will be discussed and explained in terms of how they operate individually, how they operate as a unit, and how they can influence overall success.

You will understand the dynamics of your team and how to improve your team’s performance. A whole team is comprised of all five agents. These five agents can often conflict with one another when not properly balanced. As you learn about your own primary agent and how to balance your energy, you will understand the agents of others and how to improve team relationships.

Become a change agent.

Apply these agents to:

  • Understand how the laws of nature play out in human relationships and the creative process
  • Identify imbalances within yourself, your team, the environment and your organization as a whole
  • Learn practical ways to facilitate movement and create well-being based on balanced replenishment
  • Inspire creativity and productivity by unleashing the natural flow

Develop yourself and your team with this unique and dynamic way of creating change.

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