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What is whole-system facilitation?

What is it and how can it improve relationships?

We are living in transformative times. Old ways are falling apart, and stress and trauma have become all too common. When we lose our rhythm, we often forget our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance, and dismiss the joy of creating from our wholesome, interconnected nature.

Using the Move As One system, you learn to integrate, heal, and bring wholeness while guiding people to co-create a better world.

Explore how you can improve meaningful communication as a whole-system facilitator and “move as one”. Evolve your skills with this repeatable, adaptable, and fun approach that lights purpose and passion forward.

This facilitation training program provides you with a proven, powerful framework and transformation tools to strengthen, energize and focus individuals and groups. 

This program builds your leadership, coaching, and consulting confidence. Draw out your unique gifts to meet with uncertain times and wake up greater potential within yourself and others to clear the way forward.

At Move As One, we support the facilitation in all powerful change to be playful, aware, emergent, and in partnership with nature’s source energy.

Using the game, Your Wise Moves™, learn ways to:

  • Increase creative energy and renew purpose
  • Hear each other and build bridges
  • Release barriers and move through conflict
  • Engage collaboration and empower actions, and
  • Awaken greater potential for all to thrive

See more at Whole-System Facilitation. Training begins September 2022.

Join us! Our mission is to develop whole-system facilitators and build a community of practice to make systemic impact. Let’s work together to build healthy, sustainable, co-creative business organizations and communities.

Move as One, LLC helps leaders and teams fulfill their purpose, and improve their results.

Be peace, Julie

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