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Dance of Connection

Learn partner dance + more

Partner dance is a creative way to collaborate and have fun while deepening your connection. Engage this way to play and increase your vitality and joy; learn to move-in-rhythm with each other. These lessons are fun and heart opening. All are welcome!


Join us in March, April, May for “date nights”: 

Investment = $15/person/class. Couples can receive a discount by signing up for the whole month.


Dancing Through Transitions  Sundays Mar 10 or Apr 14

Transitions include weddings, celebrations of life, empty nesting, career changes, and navigating any of life’s ups and downs. Whatever the transition, there’s a song for it.  


Schedule a private lesson for fun, or any transition in life! 

Contact julie@move-as-one.com to schedule a lesson or Playshop.  

EXPERIENCE  Let the music in me, light the music in you.” Julie

As a professional ballroom dance instructor and competitor, my experience includes foxtrot, waltz, viennese, tango, quickstep, rumba, chacha, mambo, samba, swing and two-step. 

When I began as an amateur competitor, we received multiple first place awards, and I was asked often to share my love for dance with others and at parties. This inspired me to teach partner dance. 

In 2004, I opened Slippers, a creative arts center in WI. Slippers was nominated main street business of the year in its first year. After moving back to the Twin Cities in 2008, I continued to teach partner dance through Retro Ballroom in St. Louis Park where I received significant training and lots of experience. Since 2022, we re-located north of Cities to our retreat place – Dancing Prairie – and I am now teaching in Zimmerman, Elk River, Princeton and Anoka.


There are many jewels to experience in partner dance. You can:

  • Wake up your natural joy
  • Shake off the old and welcome in the new
  • Attune your body and heart to open and flourish 
  • Nourish the “art of connection”  

As you practice moving as one, you relax, and feel beautifully integrated, purposely flowing, and alive with energy and vitality. Let’s move forward on the right foot, together. 

Plus, Stanford’s 20-year research shows partner dance improves brain function by 76%, by far the highest results. Truly it’s therapy for couples.


Professional Dance Teacher

Julie Delene is the founder of Move As One and the author of Moved To Create. She has taught numerous groups, individuals and couples how to use mindful partner dance to increase their personal fulfillment, and move forward with a flourishing future. As a whole-system consultant, Julie empowers people to co-create from the inside-out and reach their highest visions.

Dance of connection

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