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Dance of Connection

Learn partner dance + more

How do we move forward together? 

Partner dance is a creative way to collaborate together, and have fun while deepening your connection. Engage this way to play and increase the vitality and joy in your life and all your relationships. 

Explore how partner dance will:

  • Wake up your natural joy
  • Shake off the old and welcome in the new
  • Attune your body and heart to flourish 
  • Nourish the “art of connection” together

. . . and dance into your best life!

When you’re living your best life, you feel like you’re dancing with the stars: beautifully integrated, purposely flowing, and alive with energy and vitality.

Private and group lessons 

Let your body do the talking. These lessons are fun and heart opening. All are welcome.

As a professional ballroom dance instructor, Julie Delene has experienced the many jewels of partner dance. As you practice moving as one, you relax into the art of connection. Plus, Stanford’s 20-year research shows partner dance improves brain function by 76%.

Learn to apply 5 mindful moves with each dance style. Julie has been trained and successfully competed in foxtrot, waltz, viennese, quickstep, tango, chacha, rhumba, swing and mambo. 

                      Let’s move forward on the right foot. Connect with your heart wide open. 

“Compassionate communication is a practice, one of the most advanced ways of relating with others.”  ⎯ Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart


Professional Dance Teacher

Julie Delene is the founder of Move As One and the author of Moved To Create. She has taught numerous groups, individuals and couples how to use mindful partner dance to increase their personal fulfillment, and move forward with a flourishing future. As a whole-system consultant, Julie empowers people to co-create from the inside-out and reach their highest visions.

Dance of connection

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