Into the Zone with Julie

Welcoming all of you

This move-as-one class is designed to awaken your natural abundance, heal separation, and align with wholeness. Tap into your craving for greater meaning and enliven all your elements. Learn to play bigger using a mindfulness game, an organic approach to find your unique way forward.

Let’s navigate life’s challenges and opportunities, and emerge a flourishing future together.


  • a game-based approach to move through change
  • moving beyond resistance to awaken greater potential
  • naturally energized creativity
  • enriched and deepened communication
  • improved understanding, agility, and responsiveness to life

In this 3-hour class, practice mindful moves to be in-rhythm with your body, brain and breath. Step into nature and walk the labyrinth, progress through all the energy stations. Remember forgotten parts and embody your whole being.

You will activate a powerful change and find your way forward with fun.

Date: Saturday, September 21, 9:00am – noon

Location: Dancing Prairie, 11122 272nd Ave NW, Zimmerman



WHO IS THIS FOR? Young adults, individuals, families, teams, or groups seeking to connect, grow, and have fun together while exploring new ways to engage with work and life’s challenges.

This class is based on the Move As One game and system which uses a creative and interactive approach to help individuals and groups move forward.

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