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Three Divine Messengers

Certainly this has been a year of big change for us all. I spent a large chunk of it with my aging parents. In the traditional legend of the Buddha’s quest for enlightenment – old-age, sickness, and death – are referenced as divine messengers for they help us remember our impermanent nature.

Throughout this extraordinary year, I walked my path with these teachers as I cared for my transitioning 92-year-old parents. I can attest, these divine messengers have changed my world forever!

What did I learn?

A lot! I embraced letting go, letting go, letting go and being PRESENT, over and over and over again. Loosening my grip with concerns gave me room to care for the larger picture. Many times the moments were unpleasant and I’d have to intentionally breathe. I did my best to face these difficult times, and respond as wisely as I could to each situation.

During this period, my work was severely disrupted. With my attention drawn in different ways, I had to let go of opportunities and extra practices. This was also hard. It felt like the death of my work (certainly, as I knew it).

I arrived at a still-point that lasted for weeks … death …

Miraculously, during this most vulnerable position, a new powerful connection happened. I noticed a growing collaboration take hold with another strong facilitator in our systemic constellation consulting group.

… and rebirth …

Rada Yovovich and I are having great fun exploring our co-creative ways and doing our “work dance” together. I’m ecstatic to say Rada and I are joining forces to offer holistic facilitation training using the Move As One system.

Let me begin to introduce you to Rada in this video. 

Also, please see more about our FREE offerings:

From Burnout To Inspired Flow (Aug 4, 7pm)
Holistic Facilitation Certification Program Intro (Aug 10, 7pm)

Let me close by remembering my Mom’s loving and gracious heart. I still feel her heavenly hugs fill me daily. She attributes her success in life to dancing and singing with my Dad each day.

May her music that lives in me, light the music in you!❤️
Wishing you many blessings, Julie

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