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Finding Your New Rhythm

When our world economy was put on pause, there was a part of me that felt relieved. At that time, I was feeling exhausted and not able to find my joy. So I returned to a rich regime of qigong, meditation, and mindfulness practices DAILY, and gently shared these practices with others. It has been a remarkably healing time for me!

Since last summer, I have been writing a 2-year Authentic Leadership program for Appleton Greene & Co, a corporate training organization. This involved many exchanges back-and-forth for editing and approvals. We just began to launch the email campaign in January, when it was obvious that we needed to put it on hold. This was good news for me, because I realized I was “out-of-rhythm” with myself (not my recommended approach) and wondered how I was going to deliver.

Anyway, I savored this time of pause and deep listening. My partner, Jerry, says he admires my self-discipline. But what I really feel is an internal rhythm that keeps me motivated with my heart’s purpose. Instead of feeling force to be productive or other’s agendas, I have learned to follow an inner accord that puts me in pulse with our larger, interconnected nature = entrainment (see description below). From here, I understand my unique part to play in meeting the needs of the whole.

Soon I found myself connecting with, and then gathering other healers, change agents, and leaders to practice together. We know that healing happens when we entrain together while untangling uncomfortable emotions (such as fear, anxiety or pain). Together, we can slow down and move in rhythm with our natural flow of joy.

As a result, a new FREE service is emerging: Supporting the Passage . . . into social transformation.

Also, I should note that part of my exhaustion came after losing my dear, trusted colleague, Michael Bischoff. At age 49, he transitioned in February from brain cancer. For a few weeks, I felt a heavy grief, and then relatively quickly, I began to remember his influence and felt re-inspired. I know his wisdom continues to stimulate my awareness.

If you’d like to support yourself and community into a new rhythm, please join us by registering here

Or engage a moving conversation to support your new rhythm, check here for more.

Wishing you peace, Julie

NOTE: Entrainment = As you slow down, and focus on your breathing process, you allow your heart to catch up with you. As you breathe in rhythm with your heart, you become one with our universal life force, the “breath behind the breath”. By entraining with nature, the animals, and each other, you can help release our collective fear, anxiety and worry. This offers a beautiful expression of moving as one.

Twenty-five years ago this was my experience learning the Miracle of the Breath. Since then, many trainings and experiences have strengthened this awareness. I call this Entrainment a core strategy of life! It is life pulsing through the movement of breath, and inspires your creative essence for insights and wisdom to arise.

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