Renew and strengthen from the inside-out

Authentic Leadership

Julie Delene works with leaders to renew, embody, and strengthen their effectiveness. Julie co-creates with you in private meetings and group programs to activate your unique path forward. Reach new clarity, focus, and alignment by using the principles of presence, passion, purpose, and partnership. Improve your professional satisfaction as an authentic leader.

We are living in disruptive times where disconnects, turnover, and chaos are part of the norm. How do we respond to these disruptive patterns? Culture plays an important role. In order to create a healthy ecosystem culture that inspires people to respond, rather than react to dysfunctional patterns, we need to stimulate inner motivation and invite insights from within that emerge a new future.

The Authentic Leadership program renews culture from the inside out. It energizes and empowers leaders to become masterful change agents. Learn how to develop a successful business and organization by balancing energies and moving from old conditioning to an ecosystem awareness for whole system transformation. 

For more information, check the full Authentic Leadership program, a two-year training based on the Move As One system. It helps you to identify imbalances, disconnects, and areas of improvement within your leadership style, your team, and your organization. Understand and learn how to sustain movement toward a healthy, inspired, purposeful, co-creative, and engaging culture. Learn to use the forces of nature to energize, empower, and reconnect your people for a wholistic movement. Stabilize at the core and tap into the deeper resources of humanity to unearth who we really are and want to be. This shift is at the core of all deep work today, requiring authentic leadership.

Mindful Manager Program

Attune to the highest wisdom of your work and stay resilient and inspired. This unique program helps leaders become masterful change agents in a world with new rules, new pressures, and a new normal.

Inspire and support your wisdom to:

  • Stay in rhythm with yourself
  • Fulfill your soul-filled purpose
  • Develop the future of financial well-being
  • Co-create with other wise leaders

Part 1. Renew Your Passion and Purpose

Part 2. Know It In Your Bones (improve decisions)

Part 3. Build a Balanced Business & Organization

Part 4. Engage Others in the Movement

Part 5. Cultivate an EcoCreative Culture for all to thrive

Together, we can transform the world!

Mindful Managers are implementors, creatives, healers, encouragers, seekers, changemakers, connectors, motivators, achievers …

"The world will be saved by the western woman."

The Dalai Lama

I believe this and know you are wise! 

My intentions behind this offering are to: 

  • restore the integrity of body, mind, heart, and soul, 
  • help balance our world with YIN (feminine) wisdom, 
  • nourish/develop our intuitive wisdom, 
  • release old paradigms of confusion and blind-spots, 
  • heal wounds of imbalance, 
  • enable self compassion . . . 

And finally, align with love, and co-create a better world together!

Just wanted to let you know how beautifully today went. It seemed like everyone benefitted in a big way. You have certainly made this process a powerful one. You are masterful at facilitating the information and guiding us along the way. Thank you.
Julie was instrumental in my company's expansion; we have tripled in size both physically and financially. She provided deep clarity around goals and empowered my team members to be invested and excited about the work. She was patient and also pushed us to think bigger. With her support, I have stepped into my leadership role. Julie cares about the mission of our work and continues to advocate for us. I feel deeply blessed to work with her.
Julie's program was deceptively deep and powerful. Deceptive perhaps because Julie is so clear and gentle and approachable, yet her intention and management was very strong for the outcome. And then hang on for the ride!
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