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Wounded healer, wiser leader

Ignite your own inside-out transformation. Join the three-month Your Wise Moves™ program. My intention is to be a pathway through this confusion, and further strengthen leaders, consultants, and coaches to help heal and co-create a thriving world.

Over the last two decades, I have tested this approach with a countless number of clients who have experienced positive results. Often I am called a “transformation agent” as I’m drawn into stuck situations and help them move. I am passionate about helping people awaken a greater potential. I wrote a book and created a game to support this new way.

Why learn from me?

Early in my career, I felt like a train took off and I was holding on for dear life while trying to meet the complicated needs in my life and work. I felt a combination of anxiety, fear, anger, sometimes rage and later …. depression. Argh!!  My creative, inspired self was completely LOST.

Looking back, I now realize I had a number of traumatic experiences that caused me pain and residual PTSD. And I felt tenuous as a woman in the work world. There is no doubt, I was wounded!!!

As I moved forward with my DEMANDING consulting career, I feverishly tried to heal my invisible wounds without knowing how. I learned the hard way that responding from rage or depression only brought more of the same. Those difficult times often dropped me to my knees, and drove me to find new answers.

In 1998, I quit working for other consulting firms, and began my own consulting practice – Move As One, LLC. I was determined to offer an integrated, holistic approach for leadership, team, and organizational development.

But I needed to go through my own transformation while working with others. It took years and years of mindfulness and healing techniques before I completely understood how to synthesize ancient eastern wisdom and ecosystem awareness with strategic and organizational development.

Now this approach is not only timely, it is needed. I, along with many of you, are seeing and are part of a collective trauma requiring new ways to operate together. Today we find ourselves in a transformational moment.

How do we co-create a better world? 

See more here.
Wishing you many blessings, Julie

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