WISE WOMEN free event invitation

Calling all thoughtful, dynamic women who want to see change in our world…. You are invited to a FREE introductory event, WISE WOMEN – Money, Rhythm and Soul. Join Sharon Krumme and Julie Delene on the 34th floor of the IDS Center on Tuesday, March 13 or Thursday, March 22 from 4:30 – 6:00pm (parking is covered). Together, we will explore what is important to you and what needs to transform. Then, we will play …

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Activate Wholesome Intentions

Imagine having a rich and meaningful conversation that easily moves through conflict. Imagine connecting with open hearts and inspiring purposeful joy. Imagine a living, co-creative environment that emerges a future for all to thrive. Is this too much to ask? Smile In these times of transformation, I believe our opportunity is to engage an eco-system awareness and inspire meaningful communication. This awareness activates wholesome intentions and sets them into motion. You/we move as one. In …

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Money and Decisions

I have had a growing awareness that money influences nearly all our decisions. For example, money and our money views influence: the work we choose, how we conduct business, how we respond to authority, when we retire, choices in relationships, our healthcare practices, our leisure and restorative time, our buying habits, what we choose to accumulate… The point is money impacts our decisions, sometimes unconsciously. Our society’s money ecosystem is imbedded into our collective consciousness. Our …

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Wisely emerge the future, together

Dear friends, These transformational times can motivate us to further engage our wisdom. The opportunity is to emerge the future we desire. Let’s do it together! Experience the joy of co-creating with others to expand possibilities. All Wise Moves™ guides us all to play a bigger game. This fun, fresh approach brings awareness in the area you choose. All Wise Moves™ combines mindful movements with a unique questioning technique to ignite wisdom, align intuition and purpose, and clarify your desired …

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5 Qualities to Inspire Leadership

5 Qualities to Inspire Leadership include: 1) Embodied Equipoise inspires Presence – Be present, know your wholeself, balance energy effectively 2) Compassionate Emptiness inspires Passion – Release conflict, listen, open your heart, receive, explore 3) Wise Attention inspires Purpose – Clarify direction, make decisions, align with values 4) Generous Joy inspires Partnership – Take action, communicate clearly, engage authentically 5) Wholesome Stability inspires Practice – Walk your talk, develop healthy, thriving eco-systems If you’d like …

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Wise Women Unite

Dear friends, I believe the Dalai Lama when he said, “the world will be saved by the western woman” . . . and I wish to do my part! I am grateful to launch Wise Women Unite events – a new way to solve problems and master-mind a way forward together. Expect these conversations to be productive and networking to be beneficial for all! The next event is hosted by Deb Fee at Yellow Barn …

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Launch of Brainsweep Radio

Dear friends, Today begins the launch of a NEW radio program. We are so excited to share! Our on-line BSW RADIO with programming focused on the issues, impact and mitigation of trauma, stress, and PTSD. Please tune-in to learn how to do Brainsweep and hear numerous life changing stories by people throughout the world. It begins today, Friday, August 11, from 11am – 7pm Central, 9 am to 5 pm Pacific on BSW Radio. For …

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Wake up your brain

What happens when you wake up your brain? You feel peaceful presence. You notice the world differently. You gain insights that answer your concerns. You are less interested in distraction and addictions. You easily see when mind-stories mesmerize and don’t empower. You clearly align with your purpose. You heal past traumas. You notice life energy. Take a moment to pause and connect with your body, brain and breath (the 3 Bs). The human brain functions …

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Are you feeling drawn to a deeper place of listening? Would you like to move together in peace, joy and in rhythm with nature as you create your way forward? Please join me, check more inside.

Remove blocks, Rise to Meet What’s Next

Remove blocks, rise to meet what’s next. For many of us, the normal way of engaging is met with resistance. Old systems are falling apart and confusion is pulling us in many directions. Stress has become all too common. When we lose our rhythm, our responses may be constricted and reactive. We forget our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance and lose the joy of creating from our wholesome, interconnected nature. Feeling disconnected from our passion …

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