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Healing Conversations

... play the Game.

Feeling stuck, confused, or anxious about the future?

Play the game, Your Wise Moves™, to realign from the inside-out and clarify your unique path forward. This insightful, creative-mindfulness game guides you to embody your inner knowing, attune to your wisdom, and set your intentions into motion. Try it for yourself. Learn to apply mindful moves for wise results. 

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What if your unique gifts were drawn out to meet what’s next with ease?

Play Your Wise Moves™ - a fun, fresh game approach to renew your passion and purpose. The game engages your wisdom through good questions, mindful movements, and dynamic dialogue. The conversation guides you to reveal what is most important and inspires a way forward.


Are you ready to change the conversation?

Your Wise Moves™ guides a healthy, meaningful conversation to understand each other while inspiring and emerging the future together.

Groups (teams, couples, families, communities) connect in a powerful way. We laugh, feel inspired, and strengthen connections. Leave feeling energized with renewed clarity.

 These mindful healing conversations offer a new way to communicate in organizations and community. It guides groups to get real with each other, hear and understand, and awaken solutions together. We all leave lighter, clearer and wiser.  Meaningful full-circle communication that moves people from difficult to dynamic, confusion to clarity, separate to connected . . . to co-create on purpose. Emerge a future where all can thrive.

There is a higher, natural order that restores our natural rhythms and guides us to create from wholeness. This order is based on three principles: 1) everything is energy, 2) nature’s field of energy offers an example of co-creation, 3) we can influence this eco-creative field when we align with our natural order. It helps us be masterful change agents.

Please see more in this video.
The magic happens when you start this new conversation.

In the midst of a difficult situation, the game prompted my thinking in a new way that brought resolution.

"Imagine getting past your fear and being reminded how to be in possibility. That’s what playing Julie’s transformational game did for me. Through a mixture of meaningful conversation, the wisdom of the natural elements, some probing and well-thought out questions, physical movement, and Julie’s masterful guidance, a small group of us were each brought to our own clarity on the issue we came with. For me the game was very powerful. It reminded me of a pivotal time a few years earlier when I had first decided I was ready to start my nonprofit. A time when I was terrified, but knew exactly what I needed to do. Playing Your Wise Moves with Julie and a few other women allowed me to identify the feeling of fear I had been experiencing recently, and it helped me acknowledge that fear and to let it go. Even more importantly, Your Wise Moves reminded me of my purpose, and enabled me to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically." Ivy Kaminsky, founder of Find Your Power

Connect with Julie Delene if you are ready to:

  • Increase creative energy and renew purpose
  • Hear each other and build bridges
  • Release barriers and move through conflict
  • Engage collaboration and empower actions, and
  • Awaken greater potential for all to thrive

We facilitate:

  • Youth groups
  • Women’s groups
  • Leadership development
  • Business planning sessions
  • Team Building & Organizational Development
  • Career and life transitions
  • Couple and Family connections

Let's Get Started

A message from Julie: 

When I was just a teenager, I made some serious decisions that impacted the trajectory of my life. At the time, I wanted to explore other options, but felt myopic in my view, and unable to discuss what was true for me with the people I love. It took years of experience as a strategic management consultant before I finally paused. I used the MOVES method on my self to get clear through all my confusion and pain. It simply worked magic! Because I’m rather introverted, there are many times I feel heavy and unable to share. Now I use this game to have a meaningful conversation with others on important topics. It helps us quickly cut through the crap, align with our wisdom, and master-mind solutions together. I feel heard and cared for, especially by me, and can clearly make positive choices. I am grateful to share these conversations and facilitator training with you.

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