Your Next Wise Move

Are you in transition? Would you like to make a change?

Activate your unique path forward, navigate your future with wisdom.

This conversation helps you tap into the forces of nature, unearth what is most important, and mobilize the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual forces of your human potential. Using the mindfulness game, Your Wise Moves gain clarity about decisions that are aligned with your whole body ⏤ know it in your bones.

Julie will guide you through this organic approach with insightful questions, mindful movements, dynamic dialogue, and 5 Mindful Moves™.


Number of Sessions


Length of Session

1 Hr


Turn your transition into a transformation with a series of conversations. Embrace new consciousness and experience your full presence aligned with your highest wisdom in wholeness. Trailblazers push themselves to explore new terrain and push boundaries.  Your Wise Moves helps you grow beyond your current state and set your journey into motion. Julie will guide you to embody your inner knowing, unleash your creative energy, and flow in nature’s rhythms.  

“Imagine getting past your fear and be in possibility. That’s what Julie’s transformational game did for me. Through a mixture of meaningful conversations, the wisdom of the natural elements, some probing and well-thought out questions, physical movement, and Julie’s masterful guidance, we were all able to get to clarity and move forward. For me the game was very powerful at a pivotal time! It helped me acknowledge the fear I was having, accept it, and let it go. I then could move forward with my purpose. and was enabled to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically.” 
⎯ Ivy Kaminsky, founder of Find Your Power 
Practice these proven techniques again and again to embody your transformation. Strengthen your decision making process in a series of conversations. Learn to access universal wisdom held within 5 Mindful Moves™ and host a healthy culture in which you are nourished and moving forward in-tune with your innate rhythms and wisdom.



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