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Know It In Your Bones

In this conversation, strengthen your clarity regarding an important topic. Practice proven techniques to connect with your intuition and insight using a fun, fresh game approach. Improve your decision making by learning to access universal wisdom held within 5 Mindful Moves™. Gain clarity about a decision and direction that is aligned with your whole body. See more here.


Number of Sessions


Length of Session

1 Hr


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  • Do you have an important decision to make?
  • Do you feel stuck with your next step?
Tap into the power of your wisdom using embodied techniques, dynamic questions, and 5 mindful moves. Using the game, Your Wise Moves™, pick cards that will inspire your clarity regarding an important topic. Gain clarity within your whole body that is aligned with your purpose.
In this conversation, learn proven techniques to use again and again to strengthen your decision making process.



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