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Move Into Joy playshop

Are you in transition? Are you ready to be inspired? This playshop is for you.

Join us to increase the vitality in your life, work, and relationships!  Engage your body, brain and breath to move in rhythm with joy, and attune with a flourishing future.

This half-day experience engages you into a joyful dance with mindful movements and moving conversations. Learn techniques to release old habits and blocks, and unleash your creative energy.

Together we use movement, meditation, music, and dynamic conversation to:

  • Explore your rhythm within
  • Shake off the old and welcome in the new
  • Attune your body and heart with natural joy
  • Nourish the “art of connection”

This playshop is fun and heart opening. All are welcome!


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Also, we will pick cards from the game, Your Wise Moves, a fun, fresh approach to inspire clarity.

“Imagine getting past your fear and being reminded how to be in possibility. That’s what playing Julie’s transformational game did for me… The questions and activities helped to reveal my purpose, and enabled me to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically.”  ⎯ Ivy Kaminsky, founder of Find Your Power

Leave feeling lighter, clearer, and wiser.

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