Move Into Joy retreat

In the comfort of your own home, learn how to move in rhythm of joy. Engage your body, brain and breath to attune with your flourishing future. Practice a new way to play to increase the vitality in your life, work, and relationships! 
This retreat is fun and heart opening. Join us! 
In this 3-hour retreat, you will practice mindful movements and moving conversations for building a healthy culture within and around you. Learn the universal synergy codes for engaging a thriving co-creative dance. Play the game – Your Wise Moves™.

$75.00 $55.00


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This transformative retreat engages you into a joyful dance with mindful movements and moving conversations. Align with rhythm of joy and attune with your flourishing future.
Using the miracle of the breath, you can release old habits of fear, doubt, anger and craving. Unleash your creative energy using a fun, fresh game approach, Your Wise Moves.
Practice opening your body, brain and breath, and building a culture within in-harmony with nature. By following a natural order, learn how you can easily align with joy.  Engage this new way to play to increase the vitality in your life, work, and relationships.


“Imagine getting past your fear and being reminded how to be in possibility. That’s what playing Julie’s transformational game did for me… Your Wise Moves reminded me of my purpose, and enabled me to clearly see the direction I need to go in now to continue to live that purpose authentically.”

⎯ Ivy Kaminsky, founder of Find Your Power

In this retreat, you will:

  • release stress and blockages,
  • enhance your connection with joy,
  • align with passion and purpose,
  • engage tools for the “art of connection”,
  • experience a healthy and healing environment to blossom.

Leave feeling lighter, clearer, and wiser.


As a mindfulness/qigong teacher and professional ballroom dance instructor, Julie Delene has experienced the many jewels of a co-creative dance. As you practice moving as one, you relax into your natural rhythm and experience the art of connection. Plus, Stanford’s 20-year research shows this type of interconnected dance improves brain function by 76%.

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