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Dancing Through Transitions

Join us for a NEWer Workshop  ‘Dancing Through Transitions’, a transcending movement experience with Jennelle Donnay and Julie Delene.
Together we will go deep into dance exploration and unleash the powerful healing tools that dance can bring by releasing stuck energy, and helping us to move through life’s transitions, challenges, grief, and joy!
Held at Dancing Prairie about an hour north of the Twin Cities, we will be embraced by nature’s wisdom and beauty.
When: coming soon
Where: 11122 272nd, Ave NW, Zimmerman, MN
Cost: Sliding scale $35 – $55 / person
Comments from the first event include: “thank you for offering such an affirming, warm, welcoming space for us to show up with our hearts, souls, minds and bodies! I look forward to dancing again!”


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Are you feeling stuck, confused, anxious about the future?
Have you lost your zeal for life?
Have you experienced loss?
Transitions can be challenging, whether it is death, moving, career or school changes, family changes, health and aging, or just navigating the ups and downs of life. Together we will dance through the many emotions that come up during times of transitions, moving through times of grief, and also towards remembering joy.
In this workshop we will use individual movement, some partner movement, and we will connect with music, meditation and conversation, so you can…
  • Engage with stuck emotions
  • Explore your rhythms within
  • Shake off old perceptions
  • Attune your body and heart with natural joy and nourish the “art of connection”
This event is heart opening and offers support and renewal. Explore how to dance through transitions and increase your vitality in life. Leave feeling lighter, clearer and wiser.
About the Facilitators:
Jennelle Donnay is the co-founder of the Awakened Dance Community, and has been teaching partnership dance and movement mechanics for over 20 years. Jennelle believes strongly in collaboration over competition, where she uses dance to help others discover their endless potential in finding their own authentic movement through dance. In her love and passion for teaching dance, she invites you to explore, expand, and cultivate movement connection to ourselves, to our partner, and to the music that moves us. While planting seed through dance, Jennelle’s favorite thing is to bare witness to the amazing transformations that dance can bring, both on and off the dance floor.
Julie Delene is founder of Move As One and whole system consultant with 30 years of experience. Often called a “transformation agent”, she has integrated multiple tools including mindfulness, qigong, partner dance, and “wise-move” conversations to empower people from inside out to wisely attend to change. As a professional ballroom dance teacher, Julie has experienced the many jewels of a co-creative dance.
“When you move as one, you relax into your natural rhythm , and restore your joy.”
A note from Julie: Over the last few years I lost many significant people in my life including both my parents (who gave me my love for song and dance). Waves of grief would overwhelm me. Many times their special songs would come to mind and I’d want to dance and sing. As I did, I was able to feel connected to them, grieve the loss, and delight in the joy of remembering.
Dance with us through the transitions of life!
Here is a little theme song to start your engines…
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