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Move As One specializes in turning disruptive change and growth opportunities into flourishing futures. Our unifying approach is designed to ignite the energy, action and awareness necessary for adapting to changing times and unlocking a full potential within people for the future.
Often called a “transformation agent”, Julie Delene (founder of Move As One) facilitates meaningful, moving communication to broaden understanding, explore new terrain, and emerge a future for all to thrive.  
We are living through unprecedented times.The Move As One system provides a balanced, whole approach to listen more mindfully and move forward in a new way. As people begin to name and understand the cycles of change, barriers and disconnects are released, meanwhile the creative transformation and broadened leadership potentials are ignited. People become energized, collaborative, engaged, internally accountable, self-motivated and astoundingly effective!  
As a consultant for 30 years, Delene has tested this organic, re-generative approach again and again, achieving significant success within many organizations. The Move As One system strengthens people from the inside-out by practicing presence, passion, purpose and partnership.

What People Are Saying About 5 Mindful Moves™


At the time I met Julie, one could say I was at the “seven-year itch” of my career. Through Julie’s sessions, I learned to focus my mind on what it is I want rather than that which I didn’t.

Jane Comeau


Julie did a fabulous job and has opened a door and brought in fresh air we didn’t even know we needed!

Carole Hyder​


Through Julie’s guided brainstorming, breathing techniques and visualization, I was able to see more clearly what I truly wanted my life to look like.

Heidi Wagner​


Julie is a fantastic facilitator! She creates a space for teams to connect at a deeper level and explore what really matters. We all left feeling inspired and grounded in our next steps.

Kathy Flaminio


Julie helped me grow an idea into an actual business. Before working with her, I was fragmented with little jobs. Now, I’m grateful to be working with my mission and fulfilling my purpose.

Katie Thune

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