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Dr. Paul R. Scheele

Awesome! Thanks! Your presentation at the Association for Transformational Leaders was spot-on. Interaction means a lot. Bringing movement was great, and your embodiment of the message was tremendous. Thank you so much for making it relevant to the group.

Linda Stenstadvold

This whole process is fantastic. By meeting us individually first then moving to the joint session, focusing on the mission while utilizing our passion, creativity, and the unique things we all brought to the table. This is such a fluid process and can gain such momentum. What a great investment it is. Personally I am getting a high return on this investment as I believe our organization is too.

Nancy Noelke

Julie’s presentation on embodied leadership sparked new ideas and energy for our leadership team to face the challenges in the year ahead. Her unique background in dance and experience in organizational development offered a perfect combination for learning the elements of leading a team in the dance of life.

Chip Lamb

The impact you’ve had on my life is like a pebble on a smooth lake – very far reaching.

Judith Hanks

Julie’s program was deceptively deep and powerful. Deceptive perhaps because Julie is so clear and gentle and approachable, yet her intention and management was very strong for the outcome. And then hang on for the ride!

Larry Peterson

Quieting the mind creates the ultimate good feelings – and it’s free and readily available. I’ve found it essential for me to consciously be able to rest my body and my mind. Julie has done a great job training our agents and managers and myself with these techniques.

Lynn Lammer

Julie was a big hit! This is the most enthusiastic our chapter has been about working together. We were able to identify clear and focused visions with opportunities for advancement and doable action steps. Each team is motivated and involved. I really like Julie’s positively powerful style. She does terrific work.

Beth Burgos

Julie brings her professionalism, combined with advanced knowledge and her agreeable, non-judgmental, entertaining instructional style have greatly added to the well being of my staff members, and to me personally. We have learned so much. I would highly recommend her program.

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