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Peace In-Between Retreat

Are you in a transition? Do you need a break from stress? Or do you feel anxious or uncertain about the future?

There is peace in-between every movement, every breath, every transition, and yes, between every person. In this mindful meditation retreat, practice locating the peace that exists between all things. From this position, you can receive clarity, insights, and even joy.

Contact Julie@move-as-one.com to schedule a retreat.

Let’s embody peace together. This pause will help you be conscious to what you are creating. (read more below)



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Mindfulness is a practice and a way of being at ease with things as they are. Using our breath, we can open to the conditions in this moment with simple awareness. As you begin to connect with your breath, there is a progression of connections that guide you to peaceful awareness.

In this retreat, we will practice this progression and locate the peace that exists between all things. Learn how to move-in-rhythm with our natural order and receive clarity, insights, and even joy.

What is motivating me to offer this retreat?

I wish to share a specific meditation called the Space of God that I learned when I was certified in the Miracle of the Breath™ in 1996. And I’m renewing my mindfulness teacher activities with current training from Triple Gem of the North. Along with 30 years learning, meditating, and practicing powerful embodiment techniques, I wish to share more about the integration of body, brain, and breath. 

Secondly, we moved to a new home, a great place for hosting meditations with expansive space and windows around to listen to the land and support our peaceful experience. I believe we all need to regenerate in connection with the earth. 

Lastly, my Mom’s recent transition inspired me with one of her favorite songs, Let There Be Peace on Earth. I take this as a nudge; our world needs more peace . . .

Wishing you peace in-between, Julie   

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