Join the Conversation

Do you feel stuck? Do you have an important topic to discuss?  

Engage this fun, fresh, and insightful way to get real with others and co-create on purpose. Using a creative mindfulness game, Your Wise Moves™, learn how to “play” with obstacles, enrich interactions, deepen understanding, and clarify a future for all to thrive. Together we listen, laugh, and strengthen. We all leave lighter, clearer, and wiser. 

These moving conversations offer a new way to communicate in organizations and community. Players are moved to scale-up from individual stuck-ness to a collective wisdom to clear challenges and master-mind solutions. Meaningful communication that moves people from difficult to dynamic, confusion to clarity, separate to connected . . .


Money, Rhythm, and Soul

Is your business aligned with your soul’s purpose?

In this conversation, we explore your relationship with money while renewing your passion and purpose.

This fresh opportunity expands your opportunities with joy.

Find Your Way Forward

Are you in transition? Are you looking for your next career move?

This conversation will help you clarify your path forward and next steps to activate success.

Using the game, this conversation is great for anyone who is experiencing a career transition.

Points of Confluence

How are we like nature? How do we connect and easily flow together? 

Stimulate a group conversation that emerges more ease in working and being together.

Be guided through a healthy, meaningful conversation to understand each other and inspire a shared vision.

This is a great conversation for teams, couples, families, and groups who are ready to plan their future together.

Upcoming Events

Supporting the Passage . . . for social transformation

Join us to help support our community through this time of transformation. Together, we can attune to a flourishing future.

Navigate Your Purpose

Three month program begins February 2021

Navigate your transition to be in tune with your purpose. Activate your own transformation. 

7:00 - 8:00pm Thursday, Jan 7, 2021

Inspire your home office with new ways to refresh and support your work.


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