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Launch of Brainsweep Radio

Dear friends,

Today begins the launch of a NEW radio program. We are so excited to share!

Our on-line BSW RADIO with programming focused on the issues, impact and mitigation of trauma, stress, and PTSD. Please tune-in to learn how to do Brainsweep and hear numerous life changing stories by people throughout the world.

It begins today, Friday, August 11, from 11am – 7pm Central, 9 am to 5 pm Pacific on BSW Radio. For just a $5 subscription, you can learn how to do Brainsweep, and more.

In the summer of 2016, I began training with Brainsweep Systems. I was invited by my colleagues from Best Year Yet™ to assist with this project and help end PTSD.

At the time I didn’t know I had systemic Lymes Disease for over 3 years. Immediately, as I began training, I noticed the impact Brainsweep had on my body and brain!

Now a year later, I have healed my brain from Lymes and many old traumas. The results have been substantial! After hours and hours of training each week throughout the year, I am now certified in Brainsweep Systems.

Daily I use Brainsweep and “sweep” away concerns. You don’t need to have Lymes disease nor PTSD to gain the benefits. It helps with stress, anxiety and any concerns with brain development and functioning.

Recently, I taught my aging parents and my Mom opened her eyes and said “this is going to help with my memory issues.” I was grateful, because I can see the positive impact on them. I explained to them that it took a long time for our brains to organize as they have. So, they too do it daily and together.

I share my story on Brainsweep’s radio and invite you to hear along with many other compelling stories. Go to Brainsweep home page and click on radio. I am one of the hosts. My show is – Healing Lymes Disease – quiet mind, brain awakes…and how to transform using All Wise Moves™.

When you sign up, please use my Affiliate link so I get credit for my weekly radio program.  https://www.brainsweepsystems.com/?wpam_id=30

For more information, please check my website www.allwisemoves.com

Wishing you peace, wisdom and joy in the movement of life,
Blessings, Julie

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