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Are you a pollinator? Please join me

Pollinators are fertilizers, inoculating life force to nourish and enrich. Their purpose is to cultivate thriving eco-systems. Without them, humans and wildlife wouldn’t survive.

I believe we all have a part to play in developing healthy eco-systems. And I question, are annoying little bugs also pollinators?

Certainly they can motivate us into action.

Recently, I tested positive for Lyme disease. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to know the source of my ongoing, take me to my knees, very curious fatigue. As I reflect on the 3 years I’ve been vigilant in caring for my health, I can see the impact this annoying deer tick has had on my life.

As a result, my mindfulness practices have become a necessary and steady ritual. I know with certainty that the present moment is my refuge. Distractions hold much less interest.

Also, it made room in my life. Throughout this year, I have had to let go of many things – events, social connections, even work projects. As an entrepreneur, this has been very concerning.

However, my awareness has grown. The peaceful presence that has opened to me is significant. I hear and see a new world and my focus is clear. While my body was on pause, I continued to create the Mindful Moves game and facilitator program like a mad scientist.

Would I have been this vigilant without the rub of this unknown fatigue?

I am happy to say that I am on the mend with an accurate protocol for healing… and feeling healthier.

NOW, here we are – the air is unsettled between people and our leaders are precarious. Thus, the call to action has grown stronger within me!!!

The Mindful Moves game was designed for this time – to facilitate empowering and healthy communication. Instead of looking outward and feeling like a victim, it helps to:

– bring out unspoken and unconscious thoughts and paradigms
– clarify a higher purpose and clear vision
– hear each other
– understand your part to play
– inspire and empower actions.

Do you feel called to be a pollinator?

In January 2017, I will be launching the 5 Mindful Moves Facilitator Certification program. If you feel drawn to join me, please check events page.

Or if you’d like to host or join a Mindful Moves conversation, email me to let me know.

Wishing you peace, wisdom and joy in the movement of life,
Blessings, Julie

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