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Mindful Leading – a quick way to cool the fire of chaos

Mindful Leading – a quick way to cool the fire of chaos…

Lately, I have felt the impermanence of life for many reasons including the pervasive unrest in our world.

I decided to take the month of July to focus on “Loving Kindness” each morning and night. It has had a profound effect!!!

The Loving Kindness practice quickly and easily cools stress within me and renews my broader compassion. As I keep my heart open and remain present and clear, I can make decisions with more equanimity.

Try it out just for fun and especially if you are feeling stress. Bring others to mind as you like and who challenge you. Repeat these 4 sentences:

May I be happy; may you be happy.
May I be healthy; may you be healthy.
May I be safe; may you be safe.
May I care for my life with ease and joy; may you care for your life with ease and joy.

Notice the effects on your body, mind and heart.

Mindful Leading means you make decisions from embodied, authentic equipoise.

Mindful Leading requests us to “move as one” – to connect and move from the inside out in natural rhythm. This integrates heart, soul, environment, and our interconnected nature.

With peace and love, Julie

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