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Letting things move…

In my Feng Shui studies, I am instructed to prepare myself before a consultation by repeating the Heart Sutra 9 times. As I drive to someone’s home or office, I recite this mantra: Gate Gate Para Gate Parsam Gate Bodhi Svaha. I understand the translation to mean “going, going, going on beyond, always going on beyond, transitioned (arrived/awakened).”

When I first heard the translation I was curious why this was chosen as the initial setting of intention for consultations. However, through the years, I’ve grown to understand its wisdom and respect of space.

I find my mind becomes calm. I am able to let go of preconceived thoughts and attachments. I move into a space beyond my “self” and let things move. It helps me remember the temporary nature of life and the truth of our reality, that form is empty and emptiness is form.

Similar to the proverb “this too shall pass”, I can more easily become an open vessel for the work I am engaged to do. I now apply it before going into many planning meetings, facilitations and consultations.

Lately I’ve also been applying it when I’m feeling triggered by others. Sometimes feeling their judgments of me and/or my judgments of them and confused as to what to do, I have found this mantra to help.

When I practice, it gives me some open space so I don’t respond or react from a place of confusion. I find myself breathing more freely. Soon after, I realize there is nothing really to respond to, it just moves on. I don’t take things as personally. Then, I can see from a clearer position, clarify my heart’s intention, and move according to this wisdom.

For 17 years operating my business of Move As One, I’ve been trying to practice diligently in this way. Certainly I get stuck and confused, but this is my ongoing exploration and I’m grateful for the space!

On Friday, September 12th, the Women Who Move in Business meeting will be focused on exploring Feng Shui practices and principles, and ways to optimize your business. If you are interested in preparing your business to thrive with other women business owners, please join us.

Also, Wednesday, August 13th, Michael, Thor and myself are holding space again to Lead From Source. This is a retreat day in nature where you can practice listening from your generative place of Source.

More information is below or at www.move-as-one.com.

May we all remember – wherever we are, this too will move.
Blessings, Julie

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