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Listening to nature – where’s the balance?

I have found nature to be a great source of inspiration. So where is it now?

Knowing nature helps us understand balance, I’m exploring the question, where am I out of balance? What thoughts and emotions is this winter triggering within me? What thoughts and emotions is it triggering within you?

Injustice? Sadness? Anger? Questioning why I am here and living in this area? Feeling a great drive to push through and ignore the elements?

This winter is bringing us all to our knees. It is making us stop and stay inside more than ever before. But I believe it is a gift. A gift to integrate and rebalance; to take time to listen to where the imbalances are in our lives; to feel and integrate our emotions, those parts that we have cut off and only contribute to the negativity.

As we do, we connect with greater wisdom. We have all experienced how natural disasters can help us connect with our neighbors. It reminds us we are all on the same playing field experiencing this human condition.

Where are the imbalances in our society now? Where can I contribute to solutions for the whole, instead of commiserate in the injustices, or work primarily for personal gain? How can I act more from love, compassion and mindfulness? How do we work together and co-create with the elements?

Or as MIT’s Otto Scharmer discusses in his latest book, “How do we move from an ego-system to an eco-system?” 

These have been my ponderings for years. So I’m inspired and excited to share these offerings.

  • Leading From Source – a day in nature to listen together with Michael Bischoff, myself and others
  • Women Who Move in business – using the forces of nature to guide balanced business growth, while sharing our gifts
  • Move To Romance for couples – practice “moving as one” with each other

Please check below or on the events page at www.movedtocreate.com for more information.

Also, Click to listen about MOVES, a dynamic conversation about how the wisdom of nature leads us to move and change, based on my book Moved To Create. I recently was interviewed by 2 beautiful friends on the Heart of Wellness radio show in Viroqua, Wisconsin. Viroqua sits in the rolling and driftless hills of Wisconsin where nature speaks vibrantly. It is where I spent a year in the woods, then opened a community creative arts center; all while experiencing the beauty of a loving community that changed my life forever.

Let me know how you are finding balance this winter.
Blessings, Julie

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