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Engage your intentions and build momentum

We are fully into the new year, so hopefully you have identified your intentions for the year. Once you have clarity, building momentum is another key ingredient in the co-creative process. This is the “Engage” and 4th phase of the MOVES™ process.

To help build momentum, following are 5 ideas:
1) Give it a name. Identify the intention as if it is a new entity that is forming. Speak to it, and appreciate it. Have a sense of gratitude for this movement you are supporting.

2) Join similar efforts. Look for other people who have similar visions, and explore a connection. When the connection feels dynamic and co-creative, clarify a structure for ongoing connection.

3) Take inspired actions. Ask questions and listen with your heart for more guidance about this intention. Identify steps each day and clarify milestones you want to accomplish within the year.

4) Keep your energy strong and alive. Breathe, meditate, dance and move your energy. As if you are cleansing your palate, clear your thoughts of other projects, and open and attune to the present moment. I like what Panache Desai says, “dance away your density”.

5) Engage support. Connect with a coach or buddy partner to keep your focus in the direction of your desired movements.

This Friday is the beginning of the Chinese New Year, so according to their calendar, you still have time to create clear intentions for 2014. If you have not identified your purpose-filled direction for the year, I’m facilitating another Women Who Move group on February 10 to launch small business owners forward with a clear one-page Best Year Yet™ plan. More information is below. Or engage  best year yet planning meeting.

Also, I continue monthly with date night for couples each third Thursday, to practice co-creating and “moving as one” with each other. Please check below orwww.movedtocreate.com for more information.

May we all feel inspired!
Blessings, Julie

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