Move As One to achieve goals

What does that mean?
More simply, I can tell you how it feels. You feel good! – in your thoughts,
your body, and your emotions. You feel excited about achieving your goal, your
heart is inspired and happy, and your body is light. Or you may feel relaxed,
centered, and peaceful with a sense of knowingness. To move as one, means your body, mind, and heart are all in agreement with your goal.

Easy enough?! Right? But it doesn’t always feel easy, especially in those areas
where we are blocked or stuck. So we can set a goal, but if we feel like it’s
too big of a leap and can’t imagine living that way or feel forced to change,
then it may not feel good, nor easy. Typically, I can swing from striving and
pushing to giving up and reacting to old thoughts. And we all know how
exhausting this can be.

Instead, moving as one is to “move in harmony with what is”. This is
Byron Katie’s subtitle on her book, a Thousand Names for Joy. I love this! As
we investigate and let go of our stories, we accept what is and open to the
power and presence of the moment. From the present, we open our energy to our
source of creating, and the consciousness of infinite possibilities. This
consciousness is non-personal and non-judging giving us room to create. As we
attune within, open our hearts and align with our whole body energy, we begin
to move with more ease and less effort.

Easy to do? No, because it is not readily practiced in our society and we have
old conditioning that doesn’t always serve us. It takes intention and
commitment to understand the nature of life, our thoughts, our bodies, and to
accept what is. It is not always natural to move in ways that are authentic and
to let go of things that don’t work. But through practice, we can move in
harmony, allow, intend and act in alignment with our natural essence.

It has been 15 years since I began my business, Move As One, LLC. Back then I
had some understanding of what that means, but through the years my awareness
has deepened for sure. Gratefully, I spent 4 days in silent retreat over this
new year holiday, and I again experienced a wonderful resonance.

Below are some opportunities to practice “moving as one” with your
goals. I’m especially excited to launch a new year for Women Who Move – women who are ready to thrive in their small businesses. I begin by speaking at the Venerable Women event on January 8. Then Friday, January 10, join the lunch workshop to create your best year yet plan.

For couples, I continue monthly with date night each third Thursday, to
practice “moving as one” with each other. Please check out more

May we all move as one and experience many blessings in this new year! Julie

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