Money and Decisions

I have had a growing awareness that money influences nearly all our decisions. For example, money and our money views influence:

  • the work we choose,
  • how we conduct business,
  • how we respond to authority,
  • when we retire,
  • choices in relationships,
  • our healthcare practices,
  • our leisure and restorative time,
  • our buying habits,
  • what we choose to accumulate…

The point is money impacts our decisions, sometimes unconsciously. Our society’s money ecosystem is imbedded into our collective consciousness. Our brains programmed with an accumulation mindset.

What can we do?
A proposed solution is to empower yourself from the inside out:

  1. sweep your brain free of old patterns and unconscious conditioning,
  2. listen to your heart’s purpose, and
  3. include this wisdom and make mindful, awake decisions.
For this reason, the next Wise Women conversation will be focused on money. The opportunity is to free our brains and renew purpose. Let’s work together to empower happiness and healthy wealth!

If you’d like to engage a co-creative and fun conversation on any topic . . . and stimulate growth within others, just ask Julie.

Personally, I have enrolled in a meditation intensive practice for the next three weeks. I have joined with 80 others in a shared commitment to meditate 1-3 hours each day, attend multiple group practices, and end with a full-day on December 23rd. Although it felt hard to make the decision to take this time, now it feels quite blissful.

I wish you all ease, peace and many blessings, Julie
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