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Activate Wholesome Intentions

Imagine having a rich and meaningful conversation that easily moves through conflict.
Imagine connecting with open hearts and inspiring purposeful joy.
Imagine a living, co-creative environment that emerges a future for all to thrive.

Is this too much to ask? Smile

In these times of transformation, I believe our opportunity is to engage an eco-system awareness and inspire meaningful communication. This awareness activates wholesome intentions and sets them into motion.
You/we move as one.

In January, I facilitated a number of move as one game playing experiences including:

+ A group of thirty leaders at a leadership retreat, held in a beautiful nature-based retreat center
+ A table of nine wise women exploring their blocks to money, held in a beautiful home and elegant dining room table
+ A small team co-creating their Best Year Yet goals for the year, held in an office conference room

The connections and intentions were palpable.

If you are ready to activate your wholesome intentions, just ask Julie.
The next public conversation for wise women is on Thursday, April 4th.
More information at allwisemoves.com.

Many blessings, Julie

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