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Remove blocks, Rise to Meet What’s Next

Remove blocks, rise to meet what’s next.

For many of us, the normal way of engaging is met with resistance. Old systems are falling apart and confusion is pulling us in many directions. Stress has become all too common.

When we lose our rhythm, our responses may be constricted and reactive. We forget our intuitive wisdom and inner guidance and lose the joy of creating from our wholesome, interconnected nature.

Feeling disconnected from our passion and purpose, causes suffering. Feeling disconnected from others or seeing others in pain, causes suffering.

In our response, Emily Jarrett Hughes and I will be facilitating an event to remove blocks and clear the way forward. Please join us this Saturday, April 15th from 1-4pm to Rise To Meet What’s Next in St. Paul, MN.

Together we will engage more deeply with these transformational times with qigong and creative play, using the ALL WISE MOVES™ game. Join us to attune to your inner wisdom and clear your way forward.

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