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Are you ready for a change in 2016?

Are you ready for a change?

What is motivating you?
Do you feel inspired and clear about your direction?
Or do you feel stress and pressure?

The question is how can you lead with more ease?

In ballroom dance, the “dance” does not happen when it is forced or constricted. Instead, it moves more fluidly from an inspired flow. It requires both the leader and follow to integrate their heads, hearts and hands and move in alignment.

How do you engage more of your power?

In a nutshell, be intimate with your whole body. Integrate your fragments and engage the whole.

For more ease, join one of our events at Tula Yoga and Wellness.
•Game Night next Tuesday night, Jan 12. This is a fun way to inspire yourself with a sense of joy.
•Move Into Your Best Year Yet on Saturday, January 30th. Begin your year with inspiration, clarity and alignment.

Wishing you your best year yet in 2016!
Blessings, Julie

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