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Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves

Freedom using first of 5 Mindful Moves

In practicing the first of the 5 Mindful Moves – Map where I am, I observe where my mind is primarily focused. When meditating, I become present to my mind’s current state. As I do, it begins to release. This is liberating!! Woohoo!!

At Common Ground meditation center, Mark Nunberg clarified 6 different mind realms that can captivate our attention. I found these descriptions very helpful.

1) Angelic or Deva realm – a sense of higher positioning or entitlement
2) Warrior realm – a feeling of bravado, forcing oneself to achieve
3) Human realm – absorbed in being busy, distraction, human conditioning and opinions
4) Animal/body realm – concern for one’s body ailments as well as overly focused on health and controlling the body
5) Hungry ghost realm – cravings, desperation, never feeling satisfied, addictions
6) Hell realm – what can I say, we know when we feel like hell

That covers a lot. So you may ask, where should one focus their mind? The point is to understand the nature of the mind and be conscious to these different states. Often, we may react to them and make decisions or involve ourselves in projects while being unconscious to our source of motivation.

Last year, one of my greatest learnings was how I had expectations about a lot of things. I continue to realize how this impedes my present moment awareness and acceptance of what is. This impediment can cause me frustration and block relationships with others.

At times, tension will mount inside my body and my thoughts and create a whole lot of confusion and tightness. Learning to let go and allow the nature of life to move is most helpful. This is why I’m so excited about the 5 Mindful Moves. They help to clearly guide me to my natural rhythm and “move as one”. I am a continuous student.

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