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Your Emerging Future

iStock_000007474216XSmallWhat if you could release thoughts, patterns, habits that keep you stuck?

What if you really listened to your heart?

What if you could align with your potential future and feel peace?

Many of our movements in life are based on our habits, our past thoughts, and our judgments. We make decisions based on what we think is good and bad. But what if we really don’t know???

Our current world experience is stretching us all in new ways. Old paradigms are being challenged and consistent change is becoming the norm.

What would happen if you would stop, listen and align yourself with the emerging future? What would you hear? What would you do?

This is the question I ask myself often. Fortunately, I have the freedom to act from this impetus. At times, it can be unclear and frightening. And at other times, I feel certain with a knowing; my body a conduit for this knowing. Some days my body is relentless in needing extra care and attention. But I know this is part of my communication vehicle, so I honor. This is “embodied leadership.”

Next Saturday, I’ll be guiding a Move Into Your Best Life workshop to listen to what is emerging for you in the future. Held at Tula Yoga and Wellness, Saturday, September 28 from 1:00 – 5:00pm. Hope you can join me!

Also the Move To Romance workshops for couples continues monthly. Join in any time.

And mark your calendar for the FREE dance party and book launch on November 9. This event is shaping up to be a fabulous time, with some great dancers, free dance lessons, and beautiful dance performances. Please visit the events page for more information.

This new website, Moved To Create, for my book and workshops is launched thanks to Jess and Gary Cripps – thank you!

May we all listen and help birth the emerging future.

Blessings, Julie

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