Cultivate a Healthy Culture

teamwork-rocks-smLooking to improve work/life balance?

Improve satisfaction by cultivating a healthy culture.

This program teaches new skills to maintain balance and improve overall satisfaction on and off work. By developing the awareness of conscious self-care, you can help employees make the connection between their behaviors and work satisfaction.

This program integrates organizational behavior theory with eastern wisdom. It provides a holistic framework that involves human and environmental interactions to better manageĀ one’s energy.

This framework is composed of concepts from the following sources:

  1. Eastern elemental wisdom identifies and describes an energy pattern or block
  2. The proprietary MOVESā„¢ is an action oriented component utilizing specific activities aimed at engaging the participant(s)
  3. The core components of Presencing is an awareness component, which allows time to connect with the body, it builds understanding thoughts and behaviors

These three pieces, energy, action, and awareness overlap throughout the framework and each component contains parts from the other. When teamed together, they are very holistic and address a variety of individual issues as well as team dynamics.

Highly adaptive to a variety situations, we design this program based on your needs.

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