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Third of 5 Mindful Moves

Third of 5 Mindful Moves™
– #3 Visualize what is emerging – clarify your insights and envision the future. This 3rd mindful move offers a new beginning by initiating and directing clear, upward growth.


• Imagine the future, listen with your heart and clarify your insights.
• Raise your hands up and imitate the growth of plants and trees reaching toward the sun. Feel yourself align in a powerful and erect position. Practice yoga poses such as tree and warrior.
• Further form your ideas and vision by creating visuals, drawing pictures, describing your vision and developing goals.

The visioning process helps organize your actions, focus your values and reveal your priorities. As you move into your VISION, you feel a sense of purpose direct your path. Clarify your part to play in the larger movement of your community.

As you commit to your purpose, opportunities and information naturally begins to show up. In fact, you create synergy with the forces of creation so they can work together. Test it out for yourself.

This weekend my Dad is flying on the Honor Flight to the WWII memorial in Washington DC. The story behind making this happen is most compelling and is a great demonstration of the power of a purposeful vision.

My hometown of 10,000 people in Port Washington, Wisconsin came together to organize this honoring experience for the men who fought for our freedom in WWII and the Korean war. They raised enough money to send not one, but multiple 747 jets for those remaining veterans in southeast Wisconsin. We expect up to 5,000 at the airport on Saturday night to welcome them home…finally.

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If you’d like to spark your passion, purpose and synergy in your work, give me a call or email.

Wishing you the best!
Blessings, Julie

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