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Holidays – a time to touch space

stock-illustration-17437972-sun-rays-on-blue-sky-template-eps-8Did you know that over 95% of our world is space? Isn’t it interesting that we primarily focus on only 5% of the world of matter, all day long? We react to it, we try to control it, we study it, we demand things of it, we consume it, we judge it, we stress about it…and all the while we miss the other 95% of our world. Yet, I have found the key to mindful creating is to make room for space. As I do, I operate with less fear and more presence. Touching space expands my thoughts and allows room for wisdom to develop. Take a moment right now. See the space between these words. See the space between your thoughts. See the space between breathing in and breathing out. Then explore it, touch it with your mind. Notice how you feel. I believe this is an important intention behind the holidays. The intention to pause, notice the space and connect with a larger experience. I love the holidays for this reason, it brings us peace and reverence. If you’d like to practice touching space for mindful creating, check these offerings: 1)  Co-Create Your Best Year Yet – a holistic organizational planning day at Minnesota Council of Nonprofits on January 22 2) Move As One 6 month training to move you into your natural rhythm and create lasting results – after 20 years of guidance, this training will be nothing short of transformative! 3) Leader and team facilitation within your organization to move you into your best year yet! Check more at www.move-as-one.com. Wishing you more space, Blessings, Julie

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