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g2Individuals_meditatingDo you feel stressed and pulled in multiple directions?

Renew, embody and strengthen your energy to lead effectively.

In this program, you learn and practice mindfulness techniques to manage stress, and find peace-of-mind and balance. Be aware of influences that affect your well-being and health. Mindfulness practices will teach you to consciously deal with stress, pain, illness, and the demanding challenges of everyday life.

As leaders, we are bombarded with an endless flow of communication, media, and technology demanding we always be “on.” These pressures and distractions can stress our natural systems leaving us feeling depleted, unfocused, and disconnected. Practicing Mindfulness for Embodied Leadership program invites you to “turn-off” the external distractions and “tune-in” to your inner wisdom and operate from a place of presence, passion, purpose and partnership.

In this program, we practice various mindfulness techniques, including Miracle of the Breath™, movement and qigong, and Presencing leadership concepts introduced by Otto Scharmer from MIT. Presencing is a practice of “open mind, open heart and open will” to help you be more present, gain clarity in direction, put heart emotion in motion, and inspire collaboration.

In this program, you will:

  • Release restrictions and stress
  • Practice skills to strengthen your energy
  • Learn to guide others to more peace

Julie Delene is a certified trainer of Miracle of the Breath™, Spring Forest Qigong student, an active practitioner of mindfulness based trainings, and a professional ballroom dance instructor. Julie has taught numerous groups and individuals how to use breath and movement techniques to increase their personal fulfillment.


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