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and renew your organization with our unique training programs.

We offer a variety of speaking and training with the intention to expand consciousness within organizations. Each workshop can be customized based on your organization’s objectives.

If you are interested in inviting Julie to your organization or event to speak, please contact
her directly. Also, Julie provides 2-hr lunch and learns for engaging and educational information about the “move as one” approach.

Inspired Leadership in 5 Mindful Moves™

In this program, experience the 5 Mindful Moves™ to re-inspire your mission and direction.

Be aware of influences that affect your well-being and health, and find peace-of-mind and balance in an oftentimes chaotic world.

These 5 mindful moves will teach you to intentionally lead from a place of presence, passion, purpose and partnership.

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Move Into Your Best Year Yet

The MOVES™ process is a powerful method to find clear vision and create the change
you want.

Best Year Yet™ is a system for producing results that helps you reach previously unattainable levels of performance.

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Move Your Team to Success

In the Move Your Team to Success program, participants learn to apply the five phases of MOVES™: Map, Open, Vision, Engage and Sustain.

These phases guide you to break through obstacles, enhance creativity, convene a unified vision and implement accountabilities.

Learn to inspire wholistic leadership and co-creative teams.

This program offers principles of transformation to move you and your team to success.

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Embodied Leaders & Co-Creative Teams

Be inspired to strengthen your energy and co-create with others.

The four principles of an embodied leader are presence, passion, purpose and partnership.

Co-creative teams require cooperation, communication, clarity and commitment—all of which are practiced in the world of ballroom dance.

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5 Agents of Change

The dynamics of teamwork are complex.

In this workshop, you will understand the dynamics of your team and how to improve your team’s overall effectiveness.

Learn the five types of change agents required to inspire positive movement, improve productivity, and engage team members.

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Engaged Environment

Does your office environment need improvement?

The Engaged Environment program works with your surroundings to create a harmonious and productive environment.

Using Feng Shui practices, learn to engage your team, partners and environment to:

  • Improve communication, relationships, and harmony
  • Increase confidence, clarity, and good decision making
  • Increase your business, improve flow of customers and money

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice to enhance the circulation, energy flow, and layout of your environment. It is based on the principle “everything is energy.” By applying this art, you create intentional change and positive energy.

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Organizational Wellness

This program teaches new skills to maintain balance and improve overall satisfaction on and off work.

By developing the awareness of conscious self-care, you can help employees make the connection between their behaviors and work satisfaction.

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