Move As One System

mountains-smThe Move As One™ System

Through years of practice, observation, and study, Julie Delene created concrete processes (5 Mindful Moves™) that integrates energy, awareness and action, and mobilizes the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual forces of our human potential.

As individual leaders and teams begin to name and understand the cycles of change, barriers and disconnects are released, meanwhile the creative transformation and broadened leadership potentials are ignited. Teams become energized, collaborative, engaged, internally accountable, self-motivated and astoundingly effective!

The following are the five cycles of Move As One™ with a short description of three core components:


Cycle One


This is the starting point where there is an assessment of the current situation and a determination of what needs change.
Energy and Eastern component: Metal – Metal represents wisdom and awareness.
Action and MOVES™ component: Map – Boldly articulate a clear picture of where you are headed drawing from the present situation.
Awareness and Presencing Component: Presence – Be present, connect with your body, and understand your energy. [divider]

Cycle Two

Divergent and creative thinking

This is the phase to explore and imagine new possibilities. It is a highly creative phase in which new ideas and solutions are imagined.
Energy and Eastern component: Water – Water’s action is non-action and its form is no-form. Water brings us inspiration.
Action and MOVES™ component: Open – Open to creative visions for tomorrow.
Awareness and Presencing component: Passion – Connect with your heart, open yourself in mind, heart, and will. [divider]

Cycle Three

Convergent thinking and emerging vision

This is the phase to explore all the options then focus and formulate a clear vision and key goals to accomplish the results desired.
Energy and Eastern component: Wood – Wood is a catalyst; plans lead to decisions that further a change process.
Action and MOVES™ component: Vision – Create a vision that gets you there, one that removes the “if only”s and identifies the necessary ways and means.
Awareness and Presencing component: Purpose – Lead from the future as it emerges, clarify your direction, commit to intentions, align your goals with your purpose. [divider]

Cycle Four

Collaboration, implementation and engagement = co-creation

This is the phase of action. Partners are engaged and effective methods of communication are developed. Teams identify roles and responsibilities, as well as concrete implementation plans.
Energy and Eastern component: Fire – Fire describes a stage of peak power, reaching a maximal stage of activity.
Action and MOVES™ component: Engage – Engage your vision, walk your path, own it.
Awareness and Presencing component: Partnership – Engage others through clear communication and connected movements. [divider]

Cycle Five


This is the phase where new strategies turn into a practice through the creation of ongoing systems, support and sustainable efforts.
Energy and Eastern component: Earth – Earth energy provides stability and is essential to your overall sense of well-being.
Action and MOVES™ component: Sustain – Create sustaining systems and practices that support your new direction.
Awareness and Presencing component: Practice – Practice and sustain through daily habits, pull it all together and put embodied principles into action. [divider] NOTE: This is a highly experiential intuitive system that cannot necessarily be understood through study, it must be lived and practiced.

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