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5 Mindful Moves™ guides leaders, managers and teams to re-ignite their passion, increase productivity and improve leadership skills. It provides a wholistic and co-creative framework that involves human and environmental interactions to better manage one’s energy and perspective. Learn to attune to natural wisdom and integrate energy, action and awareness for inspiring results.


Metal = Presence

Metal represents wisdom and awareness—the true riches in life.

Metal helps us make room for new directions and continued growth.

The starting point is mapping where we are. We assess the current situation and determine what we would like to be different. As we observe, imbalances and areas that block movement are identified. We map obstacles, challenges, and opportunities that exist in the current situation. Our presence is realized.

Focusing question:
How are we doing? Are we aligned with our values? Where are we out of balance? How can we strengthen?


Water = Passion

Water’s action is non-action and its form is no-form.

Water brings us inspiration.

In the open phase we explore and imagine new possibilities. This is a creative phase in which we open to new ideas and solutions and bring them forward. Old paradigms are released as new paradigms are embraced. Our mission and vision are re-inspired and renewed.

Focusing question:
Are we living our passion? What is our mission and inspiration that guides us forward?


Wood = Purpose

Wood is a catalyst that furthers a change process.

Associated with new beginnings, wood adds the energy of growth, expansion, and vitality.

After exploring our options, in this phase we then focus and formulate a clear vision and key goals to accomplish the results we desire. Our shared purpose and plan for the future emerges.

Focusing question:
What is our plan for the future, our direction? Who are our champions to deliver the plan? What are key attitudes we need to embrace for growth?


Fire = Partners

Fire describes a stage of peak power, reaching a maximal stage of activity.

Fire creates more expansion, more connections, and increases your recognition.

At this point we’re ready to move into action. We engage partners with effective communication. We identify roles and responsibilities, implementation plans, timelines, and key milestones to move goals forward. We become masters at producing results by applying agents of change (five natural elements).

Focusing question:
Are we successfully engaging our partners? How can we maintain synergy within our teams?


Earth = Practice

Earth energy provides stability and is essential to our overall sense of well-being.

Apply earth energy to slow down, become more centered, and feel connected and stable.

In the sustain phase, the new strategies turn into a practice through the creation of ongoing systems, support and sustainable efforts. In addition, improvements are recommended for the workspace environment to support desired growth and team dynamics. We restore vital energy flow within our teams and work environments.

Focusing question:
What does our space reflect? What adjustments will support our growth?


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